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Produkte zum Begriff Personalized Options:

Personalized Treatment Options In Dermatology  Kartoniert (TB)
Personalized Treatment Options In Dermatology Kartoniert (TB)

This book is a quick reference guide to the new more personalized approaches to the management of skin disorders that have emerged as a result of progress in our understanding of the genetic background and pathophysiology of skin diseases and the diversity of mechanisms underlying their clinical heterogeneity. A wide range of personalized and targeted therapies are described including those for different skin cancers chronic inflammatory skin diseases and autoimmune diseases. In addition readers will find that the book documents how research results in personalized medicine can be effectively transferred to dermatological practice and looks forward to future treatments that might be developed on the basis of recent research findings. The authors are all recognized experts in the field and the text is presented in a reader-friendly format and well illustrated.

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Personalized Orthopedics
Personalized Orthopedics

Personalized Orthopedics , Contributions and Applications of Biomedical Engineering , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Personalized Learning
Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning , Preparing High School Students to Create their Futures , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen , Erscheinungsjahr: 20021228, Produktform: Kartoniert, Beilage: Paperback, Redaktion: Clarke, John~Dimartino, Joseph, Seitenzahl/Blattzahl: 366, Warengruppe: HC/Erziehung/Bildung/Allgemeines /Lexika, Text Sprache: eng, UNSPSC: 49019900, Warenverzeichnis für die Außenhandelsstatistik: 49019900, Länge: 229, Breite: 152, Höhe: 22, Gewicht: 594, Produktform: Kartoniert, Genre: Importe, Herkunftsland: DEUTSCHLAND (DE), Katalog: Gesamtkatalog, Katalog: Internationale Lagertitel, Katalog: internationale Titel, Katalog: Lagerartikel, Book on Demand, ausgew. Medienartikel, Unterkatalog: AK, Unterkatalog: Bücher, Unterkatalog: Hardcover,

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Arora, Gunjan: Rich Options, Poor Options
Arora, Gunjan: Rich Options, Poor Options

Rich Options, Poor Options , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Klemmt meine Options-Taste?

Es ist schwer zu sagen, ob Ihre Options-Taste klemmt, ohne weitere Informationen zu haben. Wenn die Taste nicht reagiert oder sich...

Es ist schwer zu sagen, ob Ihre Options-Taste klemmt, ohne weitere Informationen zu haben. Wenn die Taste nicht reagiert oder sich schwer drücken lässt, könnte dies ein Anzeichen dafür sein, dass sie klemmt. Sie könnten versuchen, die Taste vorsichtig zu reinigen oder sie von einem Fachmann überprüfen zu lassen, um das Problem zu beheben.

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Ist der Nike Air Force 1 Personalized identisch mit den Air Force 1?

Der Nike Air Force 1 Personalized ist eine spezielle Version des Air Force 1, die personalisiert werden kann. Das bedeutet, dass d...

Der Nike Air Force 1 Personalized ist eine spezielle Version des Air Force 1, die personalisiert werden kann. Das bedeutet, dass du den Schuh mit deinem eigenen Design oder deinem Namen gestalten kannst. Ansonsten ist der Schuh im Wesentlichen identisch mit dem regulären Air Force 1.

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Energy Options
Energy Options

Energy Options , Renewable energy can present a baffling array of options to aid agency managers, government officials, and advisers. This publication contrasts the relative merits of biomass, solar, hydro, and wind power, as well as detailing some direct applications. , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Personalized Orthopedics  Kartoniert (TB)
Personalized Orthopedics Kartoniert (TB)

This book covers the most important topics in the field of personalized orthopedics. It starts with the 3D geometry of the bones focusing on the problem of reverse engineering of the bones. It also shows the application of a 3D geometric model of bone for the design of personalized implants and prostheses. This book covers the application of additive technologies in personalized orthopedics as well as prediction simulation and optimization in personalized orthopedics. Its content provides the necessary knowledge for the transition from classical to personalized orthopedics. The authors present an original method for reverse bone engineering-the Method of Anatomical Features (MAF). This method is unique as it enables the reconstruction of the original geometry and topology of the bone even when only data on its part are available. The application of this method is shown on the examples of human long bones mandible and hip bone reconstruction. This book contains a review of several real cases of personalized implants. It gives several examples of prostheses for the design of which a 3D model of bones was used as well as other patient data on the basis of which personalized prostheses were designed.

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Personalized Medicine  Kartoniert (TB)
Personalized Medicine Kartoniert (TB)

This book offers comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of personalized medicine as an original approach to classifying understanding treating and preventing disease based on individual biological differences. In the introductory section it defines personalized medicine as a way toward new medical practices and addresses the question: What can personalized medicine offer citizens medical professionals reimbursement bodies and stakeholders? Subsequent chapters discuss the technological aspects of personalized medicine: data collection comprehensive integration and handling of data together with key enabling factors in developing the requisite technological support for personalized medicine. Lastly the book explores the main issues shaping the implementation and development of personalized medicine - education stakeholder participation infrastructure a new approach to the classification of disease and medical tests regulatory frameworks and new reimbursement models- together with ethical legal and social issues. Ultimately the book calls for interdisciplinarity and a radical change in the way we approach the health and wellbeing of individuals. Target groups are medical doctors and researchers in the field of biomedicine as well as experts from the social sciences dealing with legal economic and social aspects of health system issues in general. Though the book will primarily benefit these groups of professional experts its content will also appeal to a far wider readership as it deals with a paradigm shift in one of society's main pillars - the health system.

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Personalized Medicine in Orthopaedics
Personalized Medicine in Orthopaedics

Personalized Medicine in Orthopaedics , In the evolving field of orthopedics, the shift towards personalized medicine heralds a new era of patient care-promising enhanced treatment accuracy and improved outcomes. This collection, derived from the Special Issue in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, showcases cutting-edge research and reviews focusing on tailoring orthopedic treatments to individual patient needs. Emphasizing innovation in surgical technologies, implant designs, and non-operative approaches, this SI critically addresses the challenges of standardization and the necessity for patient-specific treatment strategies. Contributions delve into understanding the diverse responses to orthopedic treatments, exploring patient-specific disease mechanisms, and the potential for personalized therapeutic regimens to optimize clinical results and minimize complications. This reprint aims to inspire a future where orthopedic medicine not only addresses the disease, but also reflects the unique health blueprint of each patient. We thank our contributors for their insightful research, pushing the boundaries towards a personalized approach in orthopedic care. , >

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Personalized Human-Computer Interaction
Personalized Human-Computer Interaction

Personalized Human-Computer Interaction , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen

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Weinstock, Ben: Personalized Parkinson's
Weinstock, Ben: Personalized Parkinson's

Personalized Parkinson's , This groundbreaking book provides vital lifestyle strategies for each unique individual diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. For more than thirty years Dr. Ben Weinstock, a noted researcher and Doctor of Physical Therapy, has been unraveling not only the mysteries of Parkinson's Disease, but also how to individualize care. Having Personalized Parkinson's: Maximize Your Health by Individualizing Your Care is like having an experienced clinician by your side, 24 hours by 7 days a week. Personalized Parkinson's: Maximize Your Health by Individualizing Your Care will make the person with Parkinson's Disease the key player in the patient-doctor dialogue. Being an informed patient is critical to search out what is "best" for each person with the condition and to avoid potentially harmful interventions. Fully indexed and backed by more than 900 scientific references, Personalized Parkinson's: Maximize Your Health by Individualizing Your Care is the first work of its kind to untangle the overwhelming complexities of Parkinson's Disease and to transform them into easily understandable laymen's terms. Each chapter of this extraordinary book offers readers not only explanations of the variety of problems that can occur, but insightful "Action Plans" that can be used as to enhance communication between people with Parkinson's, caregivers, and members of the healthcare team. Emphasis is placed on the "non-motor" aspects of the disease, which are often misdiagnosed, overlooked, and poorly understood. Dr. Weinstock offers a multitude of insights into identifying one's unique array of signs and symptoms. The goal is the tailoring of lifestyle choices for the individual in order to maximize health with Parkinson's Disease. Personalized Parkinson's: Maximize Your Health by Individualizing Your Care will help you discover: ¿ The critical need for determining your level of exercise tolerance, in order to avoid the largely unrecognized dang , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen

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Colbath, Brenda: Options
Colbath, Brenda: Options

Options , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Personalized Epigenetics - Trygve Tollefsbol  Gebunden
Personalized Epigenetics - Trygve Tollefsbol Gebunden

Personalized Epigenetics discusses the core translatability of epigenetics to health management of individuals who have unique variations in their epigenetic signatures that can guide both disorder and disease prevention and therapy. The book details inter-individual variability in the major epigenetic process in humans consisting of DNA methylation histone modifications and noncoding RNA and the diagnostic prognostic and therapeutic potential of the field it also reviews the impact of the environment on epigenetic variations among individuals and the role of pharmacology and drug development in personalized epigenetics. Most importantly the text covers personalized epigenetics from a disease-oriented perspective presenting chapters that provide advances in widespread disorders or diseases including diabetes cancer autoimmune disorders obesity cardiovascular diseases neurological disorders and pain management.

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